Meet the members


Freemasons really are a totally mixed cross section of society with a huge range of interests and hobbies, here some Adams members detail their other recreations -

Andrew's flying high.

I grew up quoting lines from Top Gun and learnt to fly a helicopter before I could drive ! I am fortunate to fly a helicopter in my spare time, teaching students how to aviate, or dropping in and out of some interesting new locations or airfields. From picking up a passenger in the French Alps, flying down the harbour in Hong Kong to the neon glow of a city, landing on a glacier in New Zealand, or live filming for the BBC. My passion for flying keeps me busy most weekends.

Barton's Gardening.

In my spare time I enjoy gardening so much that not only do I tend to my own garden, but those of my two daughters. I am a strong advocate of supportig the environment and insist on cycling wherever I can, provided it is no greater than 3 miles from my home. I recall one day when weeding my daughters garden and filling the wheeley bin with stones, it toppled over trapping me under the weight, that has to be the longest half an hour waiting to be rescued by my daughter on her return from work.

Tim's free time.

 My free time is taken up mostly with updating and decorating our house and spending time with family; My wife and I are blessed to have happy and prosperous children and the delight of two very boisterous grandsons, we also ensure the wellbeing of my elderly but very independent mother, 88 and still a force to be reckoned with. I also squeeze in time to follow the rollercoaster ride of fortunes of my football team, Crystal Palace.

Jeff's Sailing.

I got into sailing about ten years ago when some friends convinced me to join in on a flotilla holiday in Greece. I was hooked from day one.

The sun, the water, the wine, what more could one ask for. The initial thrill left be wanting more so on returning home I decided to take my Day Skipper in Port Solent, over cast, cold and the need for hot tea, it left a lot to be desired. This has however opened up so many opportunities to bolster my skills and enjoy chartering and skippering yachts around the world. I now have experience of sailing bare boat charters in Croatia, Australia, Greece and the UK. I can’t think of a better way to spend my holidays.

H's Photography.

My interest in photography goes back to my school days, when I had opted to take art ‘A’ Level. I wanted a subject that would counterbalance the more academic classes I was undertaking. Something that would allow me to express my creative side and spend less time in a classroom learning facts and figures. What better than art? There was only one drawback to my cunning plan. I could not draw or paint! This is where my newly discovered love of the camera came about. Almost 30 years later, I am still keen on taking images, whether it is fashion, landscapes, portraits or weddings. A picture really paints a thousand words.

Adrian's Landrover.

As a kid I used to look up at Lightweights (literally) dangling beneath lumbering Wessex helicopters as they clattered overhead in Northern Ireland. I was fascinated by them and what they were used for. I now enjoy a much closed look at one, having spent all my spare time restoring this one, taking almost a year. Its a 1970 Landrover lightweight. The restoration results speak for themselves, it looks superb and turns heads wherever it goes. A Sunday and sunny day vehicle, splashing through mud or even deep puddles......not in this one!

Featured in Landrover Owner International magazine. 

David's Climbing.

My name is David and I am one of the newer members of Adams lodge. I am lucky in that my work allows me to apply two of my passions, teaching and expeditions. As a lecturer in a Public Services department I work with students in developing the finer points of expedition theory and practice. This strengthens leadership and team working. In my spare time you can find me taking part in many extreme sports, especially kite surfing, climbing and snowboarding.

Peter’s Singing.

 At Adams meetings you’ll probably hear me leading the singing and at the odd Festive Board I have been known to sing a song or two. I really enjoy singing having joined a church choir at the age of eight. Since then I have sung with various choirs, ranging from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Chorus (singing the big works of Verdi, Faure, Mozart, Britten, etc.) to local and much smaller choirs in Maidenhead, as well as with a couple of Masonic choirs.

 I agree with Gareth Malone (BBC’s “The Choir”) that there is something exhilarating about singing with a choir and recommend that everyone should have a go!

 Mark's Racing.

I have been interested/involved in Motor Racing nearly all my life, and my 17 year old son is now a racing driver.

Having started racing cars myself at 19, my son started driving a racing car at 15 which was a difficult decision for me and filled me with nerves as well as immense pride.

It is an expensive sport and can only happen with “partners” who use the association for B2B gains and entertaining.

The hunting for “partners” is great fun and really satisfying to introduce two companies to our team and see them work together into the future; this also helps my son get an understanding of how business works whilst he continues his studies. 

Bob's Mountaineering & Motorbiking.

Having scaled a number of high altitude mountains for over 20 years (some of it as a mountain expedition leader), I decided I needed a new challenge therefore I have turned to my other passion, motorbikes. I have owned different motorbikes over the last 30 years and have now progressed to a Harley Davidson where I am continuing to grow old disgracefully. In 2013, for my 50th Birthday (and some would say my mid-life crisis) is to be spent riding my Harley Davidson on Route 66 in America.  

Lloyds Cycling.

In my younger days I played a variety of sports which included rugby and long distance running events.  I my mid-twenties I started endurance cycling and took part in many long distance events including transcontinental events across the USA and Australia.  Now I am older, I limit my cycling to sportives and touring.  I don’t have the legs for ultra distances but still enjoy riding 50s and 100 mile events.  I own 3 bikes and have my heart set on a titanium custom built bike, but don’t tell my wife!  

Mark's Football.

I'm a great supporter of Southampton FC. Our home ground is the St Mary's Stadium, where the club moved to in 2001 from The Dell. The club has been nicknamed "The Saints" since its inception in 1885 due to its history as a church football team. We always play in red and white. In the very early days (1890's) we played most of our games on The Common where games were not infrequently interrupted by the ladies insistent on exercising their right to roam. I would like to see any one try that now, with our recent Wembley appearance.

Julian's Amateur Radio.

I've always liked highly technical things. I was one of those children who delighted in taking things to pieces and (hopefully) putting them back together again. I worked in IT, at one time programming in machine code, and got involved in Amataeur Radio because modern radios have a lot in common with computers. Chatting on the radio is a bit like an extension of the internet with the technical challenge of getting a signal to far-flung places.